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Colorado Parenting Matters, with expertise in program development and implementation, has created a community based approach to the delivery of Parenting Education Prevention Services to meet our goal of assisting agencies/communities in providing researched/evidenced based parent education programs. This will result in client agencies having the capacity to deliver & sustain parenting programs, having the proof of effectiveness of parent education, having a proven program model available to secure future funding and establishment of “Parent Academies” on site that offers a full array of classes and resources.  With a foci on the healthy development of young children, the strengthening of the family, building capacity and the mobilization of communities to support parent education, science based prevention principles are utilized in the determination of why, who, when, what, and how prevention services are delivered; thereby underscoring the importance of parenting as a prevention strategy.

If you are looking for assistance in incorporating parent engagement and family involvement in your school or prevention coalition, give us a call!


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