Kinship Care Program

A Family Education Program for Grandparents and Other Kin Raising Children.

In 1999, 2.3 million children lived with relatives without a parent present, commonly referred to as kinship care. The largest percentages of these children were teens (44%), a third is school-age (35%), and the remaining 21% are 5 or younger. Most of these children are cared for by a grandparent, but significant portions are also cared for by aunts and uncles.

n response to the growing social phenomenon of kinship care, CFERT offers the following services under the Kinship Care Program:

CFERT Library Resources

Kinship Care and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Resources

Technical Assistance

– Strategic Planning Process
– Program Development
– Needs Assessment
– Curriculum Selection
– Logic Model
– Community Readiness
– Evaluation
– Desk Top Publishing
– Publicity & Marketing
– Program Implementation


Curriculum Training of Trainers: Second Time Around: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Educational Services

– Co-facilitation of sessions
– Mentor/coaching
– Technical support

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