Family Development Training and Credentialing Program (FDC)

The Colorado FDC Program is a professional development course and credentialing program for frontline family workers to learn and practice skills of strength-based family support with families.

FDC courses are offered to frontline family workers from a wide range of government, private, and not-for-profit agencies as well as business and large corporations.

Family development staff members work with families across the life span including families with young children, teen parents, retired people, people with disabilities, and many other groups.


The Cornell Family Development Credential (FDC) started in New York State in 1994. The curriculum, Empowerment Skills for Family Workers, was developed by The Empowerment Skills project at Cornell University.

The FDC Course

– Classes offered by community-based instructors trained and supported by their state FDC system.
– An experiential and supportive adult learning environment that promotes discussion and reflection.
– Development of a Skills Portfolio documenting knowledge and skills with guidance of a trained Portfolio advisor.

With successful completion of the FDC Course, an approved portfolio, and passing a standardized exam, workers earn the nationally recognized and respected FDC Credential from Temple University. Colorado State University is the hosting site for the FDC in Colorado.

Core Competencies (Chapters) of the FDC Course

– Family Development: A Sustainable Route to Healthy Self-Reliance
– Communicating with Skill and Heart
– Taking Good Care of Yourself
– Diversity
– Strengths-based Assessment
– Helping Families Set and Reach Goals
– Helping Families Access Specialized Services
– Home Visiting
– Facilitation Skills: Family Conferences, Support Groups and Community Meetings
– Collaboration

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In addition to the 90-hour course, there are opportunities for agency leaders:
FDC leadership course is a 30-hour community-based series and credentialing program to agency leaders interested in using principles and practices of family development within their agencies. This program is currently not available in Colorado, but in the forming stages.

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