Professional Development

Professional development has become a high priority for policy makes because research has indicated that there are linkages between training, worker performance, service/program quality and child and youth outcomes. The professional development education component is designed to build capacity in several program areas. Curriculum Training-of-Trainers are offered for parent education facilitators. Other professional development opportunities are delivered to develop effective adult trainers, credentialed family frontline workers and certificated after school program personnel.

Professional Development Programs

Curriculum Training-of-Trainers
One, two, and three day workshops are offered by Colorado Parenting Matters on the following curricula: Partners in Parenting, Second Time Around (Kinship Care), Strengthening Families 6-10, Strengthening Families 10-14, Make Parenting a Pleasure.

Family Development Credential (FDC)
Designed to train front line family workers to assist families and reach their own goals for healthy self-reliance.

Family Development Institute training offered twice a year to train FDC instructors.


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